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Horse Tip #1 – Leading your Horse

I have seen an abundance of people, many of which who should know better, that lead their horse around as if it is their dog. The horse will be trailing behind them at the end of the line, and many times the person is tugging at them to make them go faster. I also see this happen when leading a horse somewhere it does not wish to go where the handler just tugs at the end of the line as if playing tug of war. Both situations are dangerous for you, your horse, and for anyone around you, not to mention time consuming.

So here is the tip – stand next to your horse. It funny how simple a solution it is, but it really works.family1204

If you are leading a horse from five feet ahead, it does not feel the need to catch up and in most cases will actually slow down. Instead walk beside you horse. He will follow more willingly and it is much safer. Because what if he spooks from five feet behind you? Most likely he will either run you over or get away from you. Not to mention the added benefit of having a horse that leads well almost always rides better too.


When it comes to a horse that doesn’t want to go forward and has planted itself there you are taking on much more risk by playing tug of war. Chances are that horse stopped because it is unsure of something it is coming toward. By adding that pressure by pulling on his head you will only succeed in scaring him more. Instead if you horse freezes up merely walk back beside him and ask him to move forward again. It might take a few tries, but it will always be faster, safer, and give you a calmer horse.AV4C5729LeadingHorseAlongRoad,Alkmaar,NL