Horse Tip # 2 – The Importance of Bathing


To the avid showgoer, bathing your horse is a must and a no-brainer. But to the everyday owners who have horses for leisure, bathing might not seem so important. It never used to to me. But after going to Findlay I have come to see just how important it is. Bathing isn’t just to make the horse look nice for a show. Do you just bathe when going to a big event? Hopefully not. This is not to say horses need washed everyday, but they still would enjoy it about once a week.

Of course there are plenty of things to consider. Are wash stalls available where your horse is? Has your horse worked up a sweat?  Or is he just a pasture buddy? You also have to take into account what time of the year it is. Your horse probably wont need to be washed as much in the winter. Maybe not at all if you don’t really work him hard or have a warm place to dry him off.

Before I never bathed my mare, even after she worked up a sweat. I would just cool her off, brush her down and put her back into the pasture. I thought nothing of it, but one of my instructors put it to me this way. If you had worked up a sweat like your horse had, wouldn’t you like a bath?

Now if you work you horse everyday during the summer, you don’t need to give them a complete bath every time. But at least rinse that sweat off everyday. You horse will feel much better, and look better too.



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